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Did you know that with each litre of fuel used in your vehicle, only 25% is used to generate performance from the engine!

The remaining 75% is wasted – generating mostly heat, highly contaminant gases and carbon residues.

These carbon deposits build up over time creating obstructions within the internal parts of the engine. Difficult to detect – these obstructions can at minimum result in increased fuel consumption and poor emissions – at worst they can cause engine failure often requiring costly repair.

The good news is that one 15 minute treatment with Carboklean at Kraken Racing in Mijas-Costa can be all that’s needed to help remove carbon deposits and build-up, resulting in a more enjoyable, economical and environmentally friendly vehicle.


Regain Performance

Our CarboKlean service will safely reduce carbon build-up and deposits within the engine and exhaust, significantly improving the overall performance.


Reduce Smoke & Emissions

Kraken Racing offers CarboKlean unique chemical free process in Costa Del Sol. It's proven to help decarbonise the engine, DPF, CAT & exhaust.


Restore good consumption

Within 15 minutes the CarboKlean complete engine clean can improve your consumption by 8-15%.

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What makes this engine carbon cleaning so special?

The results we have seen here at Kraken Racing are amazing! – CarboKlean uses distilled water, to create HHO or Ortho Oxyhydrogen, unlike other engine cleaning solutions in the marketplace that rely on carbon-based chemicals to remove the carbon deposits from your engines internals, filters and exhaust sensors. Typically these engine cleaning solutions are nothing more than a highly refined fuel that is either mixed with the fuel already in the tank or a direct introduction via the injectors such as Protec or Terraclean.

Because HHO has no carbon elements, there is no residue left behind from the process, therefore, making it far more efficient, with the HHO gas having a far more dynamic effect on the cleaning process. More than 1,800 litres of Hydrogen is introduced into the vehicle’s engine by the induction system and enters the engines combustion process burning up to 10 times faster than diesel or petrol.

Over time all vehicles, particularly diesel engines and high mileage petrol engines will suffer from carbon build-up with detrimental effects on economy and reliability increasing. Unburnt fuel deposits, varnishes, stop-start inner city driving, poor servicing regimes, combined with the modern emission devices fitted to vehicles such as EGR valves and DPF filters all conspire to contaminate and congest the internals of your vehicle’s engine. Unburnt fuels, varnishes and waxes are deposited over the internals, and sensors – It’s really a case of mechanical carbon angina!

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