FT/LB vs. NM

What’s the difference between Lb/Ft and NM First lets explain what torque is, as the above two measurements refer to the same thing. And why it’s important for ECU-tuners like Kraken Racing. The easiest way to explain it is to imagine you are using a spanner to tighten a nut.

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Power Unit Differences

HP, BHP, PS, kW and the rest What’s in a Power Unit? One of the first things people want to know about a car is its power rating. The want to know how fast it will go and in how short a time they might make it from A to

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Dynamometers in Tuning

How are Dynamometers Used in Auto Tuning? Engine tuning is big business, and how accurate and useful the process is comes down to having the right equipment. Arguably the most important piece of equipment in the tuning process is the dynamometer, also known as simply a “dyno.” In this article,

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