we believe the overall appearance and performance of your car is important


We are not only tuning ECU's. By adding different parts to compliment the engine we can get the maximum performance out of your car. For example, adding a more efficient air filter together with a free flow exhaust system, the ECU remapping benefits will be enhanced even more.

We carry a wide range of exhausts, air filters, turbos, aero kits, wheels, tyres and suspensions. We also do customs made engine builds together with our partners.

We also do interior upholstery work with all kinds of fabrics including the best leather available and authentic Alcantara. From small repairs and headliners to complete interiors.

We also have a fully dedicated team to do all kind of electrical installation of audio systems, multimedia solutions, front- and rear view cameras and sensors, alarms, GPS trackers, LED lights etc.


Wheels can dramatically change the appearance of your car

With a huge variety of colour, size and design this is one of the coolest modifications you can do to a car. Of course, a correct set of tyres will be mounted to maximize the performance.



We carry a wide range of different exhausts

We will make sure the system we order for you is the right one at the right price.


Not only will the performance be much better, the stance and look of your car will be greatly enhanced with a full set of suspension kits. We offer normal lowering springs or complete sets of suspension with or without airbags.



We carry a wide range of different airfilters

An airfilter will help the engine to breath more freely and increase the flow of fresh air to the engine increasing the performance. We can offer any kind of makes and will help you pick the right one for your car

Turbo Kits

With our turbo tuning partner we can help you boost the power of your engine. Normally a custom made kit and engine build.


Audio • Cameras • GPS • Alarms

• Installation of stereo equipment an complete audio solutions
• Rear view cameras and sensors
• GPS Trackers
• Alarms systems
• Electronic disconnection for anti-theft purposes
• Multimedia screens with Carplay.
• Interior & exterior illumination

Interior upholstery

• Upholstery in leather, Alcantara and other material
• Complete repairs of interiors
• Colouring or interior leather and fabrics & plastic details
• Steering wheel renovation & repairs

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